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It’s been busy
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It’s been a year. Time for a work overview. :-)

Overall; my job is a gravy train riding on biscuit wheels. I’d love to get more friends in the door. I’ve been getting to work with people far smarter than me, on projects that are interesting both from the technical level, and from the impact they have. I’m managed by people who can do my job, which is probably the best part. (I don’t have to explain, argue, and fight process to get a job done; my manager understands and often just says yes, or corrects me where I was actually wrong.)

While I’m encouraged not to say exactly what I’m working on, in general, my team builds more compelling advertisements in the web search results. If we can make the user happier with the way the ad looks, or the data the ad contains, we’ve won. If it’s a loss for the user, it’s not going to happen. Recently, I moved to a new project with a teammate, and that teammate unexpectedly has to take about a month off. The project is keeping me super-busy, but is engaging enough that extra hours aren’t frustrating.

On the side, I coordinate our K-12 Outreach program, and do a fairly significant amount of work on recruiting events. Recently, I got to give a talk to 400 CMU students; “Tips on Interviewing”. I was the followup to Josh Bloch, who is one of the creators of the Java programming language, and also a personable dude who likes Steelers football and Tessaro’s burgers. Best possible way to spend some overtime, I think.

Woo, I say, woo. Looking forward to another year of this, as I’m finally getting the hang of some of it.

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