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kennywood, glasses, carosel

Been getting a lot done at work, a decent amount at home, and relaxing the rest of the time.

Debating on trading my motorcycle next year; I really want a bike to do *two* things, and this one is a compromise on both. I want a commuter bike to run around town, get groceries, etc; something light and fun. I also want a touring bike that wouldn’t be uncomfortable to run from here to Chicago and back. My bike’s heavy enough to not be light around town, but the seat and suspension aren’t designed for long highway rides, and definitely aren’t designed for 2-up highway rides. Before I’d get anything different, though, it’d be awful nice to have someplace to store them so they don’t sit on the street all winter.

Wondering if there’s a U-stor around here somewhere with a reasonable price. (Under $50/month. It’s not a huge bike!)

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