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kennywood, glasses, carosel

Actually been buying music, and had a chance to play electro house and some breaks at a few parties and houseparties. A+++. I need to get a mix together, but still don’t think this is a good fit for a sober audience. Really need to find a better source for breaks; not able to find recordings for stuff I know is out there.

The Kindle I got from the family for my birthday is in heavy rotation. I’ve been busting through a couple books; fantasy, self-help, liberal history, and technical. I have no idea why I’m reading much more with the Kindle than before; I wish I knew, but just glad it’s working out that way.

Work’s been less productive than I’d hoped, but that started to turn around this week, which is good.

Exercise and shop-work have been on hold, in general. Fire effect for October is at my brother’s; hoping we finish on time.

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